Add to Cart: How e-commerce is changing the rules of the FMCG game.


20 Nov 2019



Fireside Ventures

Add to Cart: How e-commerce is <span>changing the rules</span> of the <span>FMCG game.</span>

Last year, P&G rolled out the Tide Eco-Box, a product designed around e-commerce. Compressed into a shipping-safe package, the Eco-Box is a perforated cardboard box that doubles as a dispenser, and was the first launch from their eCommerce Innovation Group.

Closer home, Hindustan Unilever, too, is tracking the momentous effect of e-commerce on the CPG category. Here’s the full report, and it makes a compelling case for the rise and rise of a slew of new brands. Most of all, it calls out a whole new way of targeting, engaging, and fulfilling a new generation of pan-Indian consumers, who are coming to rely on e-commerce for variety, value, and vast amounts of convenience.

We’re thrilled to see Mamaearth on their list of successful “indie” brands that have been built through e-commerce. Just as we’re proud to be part of enabling this ecosystem that’s growing exponentially, helping more digitally native brands flourish, and providing millennial consumers with brands that fit into their lives.

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