Helping brands do good to do well


Responsible production

Our portfolio companies share our commitment to the triple bottomline.


  • Create diverse, inclusive businesses
  • Give back to the society


  • Choose alternate packaging
  • Pursue plastic neutrality and carbon offsetting


  • Build transparent & accountable businesses
  • Integrate efficiencies in supply chain management

Building the Value of Good

A Primer for Responsible Startups

Responsible Investment Policy

As UNPRI signatories, we live by our Responsible Investment Policy

We are UNPRI Signatories. We believe in upholding the highest standard of responsible investment. We support our companies in achieving their sustainability and diversity goals. And while one company makes the change it wants to see in the world, we believe in building brands that do better, together.

Practising the
Value of Good

Tenets of transparency, accountability, responsibility and integrity are embedded in the ethos of the Fund

Diversity and inclusion are values that we embrace and acknowledge across all levels 

We strive to act as change agents in the transition to a low-carbon economy

We strongly believe in giving back to society at large and creating a positive social impact

From our Portfolio