Post-pandemic personality shifts: Who’s seeking what?


17 Aug 2020



Fireside Ventures

Post-pandemic personality shifts: <span>Who’s seeking what?</span>

The appeal of DTC brands goes far beyond the convenience of e-commerce, or the efficacy of digital marketing. It stems from a brand-user relationship that is personal, verging on the empathetic. That’s why the most successful DTC brands can be characterised by an often vocal, and deeply loyal community of users.

This unusually close understanding of the millennial personality is at the heart of a true DTC offering, and at Fireside, we’ve been following the Euromonitor studies of Global Consumer Types with great interest. Their 2020 report, despite being pre-pandemic, is extremely insightful, and sheds some light on how consumers feel, and how brands can deliver.

Impulsive Spenders are likely to respond to online deals and promotions, so the current slew of online sales across major platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa, and the like, will find favour. In addition, these consumers place a high value on experiences, and the pandemic may have them switching to virtual ones – online yoga classes; a cooking Masterclass, perhaps; or even a foray into digital courses,  instead, much like Undaunted Strivers, and Conservative Homebodies.

Interestingly, both these types are also likely to spend more time on social media, albeit for different reasons. Undaunted Strivers use these platforms to curate their online image, while Conservative Homebodies – and Balanced Optimists as well – use them to to connect with others and maintain relationships. This dials up the relevance of digital engagement, social shopping, and influencer marketing – and could in turn bring DTC brands even closer to their consumers.

The current Vocal-for-Local trend will resonate with, both, Minimalist Seekers, as well as Empowered Activists. These groups see value in shopping locally, supporting local businesses, and making eco-friendly and sustainable purchases. This, too, could lead them to seek out non-platform brands, country-of-origin labelling, as well as support efforts like “Local Shops on Amazon.”

Given the economic uncertainty created by the pandemic, Secure Traditionalists are likely to increase their frugal behaviour. They will join Digital Enthusiasts, and Cautious Planners in lowering expenses, and possibly even stock-piling essentials. The current wave of offers and bundled SKUs on online and offline groceries like Big Basket’s Freedom Sale and Grofers Grand Orange Bag Days should go down well with them.

The steady inflow of new products designed to improve health and safety - whether Marico’s Veggie Clean to wash fresh produce, or Dettol Laundry Sanitizer to rid your freshly-washed clothes of bacteria – should find early adoption by Inspired Adventurers, as well as Self-Care Aficionados. These consumers may also actively seek out other preventative healthcare measures like immunity boosters, ranging from Chyawanprash to Ayurvedic tonics and supplements.

While the pandemic cannot reshape personalities entirely, the shifts are nuanced. The way ahead lies in brands understanding just how different personalities address this growing concern with health, wellness, and safety.

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