Going with our gut: Introducing The Good Bug


21 Nov 2023



Ankur Khaitan

Going with our gut: <Span>Introducing The Good Bug</span>

We’re going with our gut as far as gut health is concerned, and we’re not the only ones. The science is clear - from boosting immunity to overcoming anxiety, from tackling obesity to improving sleep, it’s your gut that leads to overall health and wellbeing. Quite naturally, a healthy gut has become a top-of-mind health concern for millions of Indians.

Keshav and Prabhu seized the opportunity to build India’s very first gut health brand – offering diagnostics, consultation, as well as curative products. Taking note of the rising incidence of gastrointestinal issues thanks to our sedentary lifestyles, dietary habits, and aging population, The Good Bug is a unique, all-in-one solution for gut health, addressing a variety of issues for the entire spectrum of the market, specially for chronic sufferers.

The market

Research reveals that 600 million Indians face digestive issues at least once a month, with 150 million being chronic sufferers. Digestive products constitute a massive $ 3.5 Bn market, and that’s excluding home-based remedies like curds, kombucha, and yoghurt. This category is predicted to grow at 10% CAGR, and there are several pre- and probiotic successes internationally.

As knowledge of the connection between gut health and overall wellbeing increases, this TAM is expected to grow exponentially, becoming an almost essential healthcare need. Already you can see the growing interest and popularity of probiotic products, as measured by the number of Google searches, sales on Amazon, and substantial investments by Big Pharma companies in this space.

The gap

Most existing players provide symptomatic relief, as opposed to discovering and resolving the root cause of the issue. The Good Bug’s research revealed that an overwhelming 50% of consumers were dissatisfied with the existing solutions available to them, especially since the problem often recurred.

The offering

The Good Bug marries clinically validated strains tailored for maximum effectiveness against specific problems. So the product isn’t just any other probiotic or a prebiotic, it’s one that targets the cause of your particular gut concern.

Designed for the Indian gut ecosystem, The Good Bug uses micro-encapsulation technology to protect probiotics and offering potent dosages in a convenient, palatable format that doesn't require refrigeration. Advanced research in sequencing and metabolomics helped create a unique symbiotic formula with added nutrients for rapid results. And finally, each formulation is easy to use, and delicious to taste.

The brand’s founders bring complementary skills to the business, with Keshav having extensive experience in developing and scaling Future Group’s own brands, as well as  overseeing strategy and emerging business, while Prabhu comes with decades of MNC pedigree, having built brands and grown them in India, the Middle East, and Africa. This is Prabhu’s third startup, having built a life science brand in India, and a consumer brand in Korea, both of which were acquired.

Keshav is focused on strategy, while Prabhu is keenly watching execution, which makes The Good Bug a well-conceived brand, supported by robust content and adaptable experimentation.

The approach

With a view of becoming India’s first and only gut health brand, The Good Bug launched with a range of probiotics to target specific use cases across digestive health, metabolic health and children’s health. Drawing consumers in with a free consultation, the brand identifies the root cause of the problem before addressing it through high efficacy products. To deliver deeper, more comprehensive solutions, The Good Bug is pursuing specific concerns related to the gut, including weight management and digestive health.

The company plans to add diagnostic and consultation layer along with a focus on community building a holistic solution for a better and healthy gut. The Good Bug has a strong R&D unit, which enables a short and efficient innovation cycle.  This is further supported by ecosystem partnerships aligned with the brand’s mission.

The advantage

The first mover in a new category that is growing fast, The Good Bug enjoys a unique position: sharply focused on gut health, and driven by deep science – minus the “medical” tag. As the brand grows, it plans to double down on the scientific underpinning of its products, without losing its great palatability, ease of use, and OTC availability.


At Fireside, we’re listening to our gut. Digestive concerns affect people at all ages, stages of life, and geographies. As more and more people understand the correlation between a healthy gut and their overall wellbeing and health, this will become a focus area for many more brands and services.

We believe that The Good Bug has the ability, the content, and the vision to lead this category, and build a large, valuable brand that’s good for the gut, and great for every single consumer.

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