Dipanjan Basu

Co-Founder & Partner

Words to live by

"You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain"- From the Dark Knight

Life outside Fireside

Wildlife photography, Reading and Golf

Dipanjan has spent over two decades in Investing, E-commerce, Consumer brands, M&A and Digital Consulting in addition to his deep expertise in Finance and Operations. At Fireside, he works closely with disruptive brands such as The Sleep Company, Fable Street, Sarva Yoga, and Nat Habit. He is a mentor to several entrepreneurs, and loves jamming with founders on growth hacking. He has been CFO, Myntra, and part of the Flipkart leadership. He has also played different roles in Finance, M&A, Digital Consulting and Corporate Venture at Wipro, where he headed Corporate Finance, and was part of Wipro Ventures.