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Avnish was cycling from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanks, when he stopped for hydration and vitamins to help him through the last 30 kilometres of the tour, when he realised that everyone around him was chugging the same basic electrolyte mix for rehydration. He realised then, that he would do better with more nourishment than something so simple.

A casual meeting with a relative in the US who just happened to be a Nutrition Researcher at John Hopkins catalysed the idea. And as they lunched – the relative, on a salad, and Avnish, a slice of pizza – they talked about dietary choices and plant-based nutrition that wasn’t just salads or vegan. The Wellbeing Nutrition journey started in earnest then – with ten bags of fresh-cut greens from Whole Foods being delivered to John Hopkins every day, in an effort to build a completely clean, plant-based nutrition company using new delivery formats for a generation on the go.

It was a journey that would encompass three years, seven researchers, and hundreds of samples, before it arrived at the world’s first US-certified Organic Wholefood Multivitamin. The first of the next generation of health supplements from Wellbeing.

From the grasslands of Europe, to the vegetable fields of Kansas; from herb plantations in Bulgaria, to fruit orchards in Maine, Wellbeing creates solutions that use advanced nanoscience, clinically-tested ingredients, and scientifically-researched formulations. The brand has grown by educating consumers about its novel technology and delivery methods, while explaining the deep research and science backing its formulations.

The same consumers drive their product innovations – from suggestion, to testing, to iteration and reiteration. For instance, when consumers sought Apple Cider Vinegar, Wellbeing Nutrition learned that their primary need was digestive comfort. Therefore, Wellbeing Nutrition Apple Cider Vinegar is formulated with twice the digestive enzymes as other similar offerings.

Tablets and capsules haven’t really changed much since our grandparents’ times, but Wellbeing Nutrition is creating a range of more intuitive nutrition supplements for the modern generation –- made in India, for the world.

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Avnish Chhabria