Good for us. For the farmer. For the planet.

Easy to make, super-tasty, high-nutrition food for children.

Could three friends build a business which is a force for good? Could they encourage a sizeable shift in better eating habits for children by bringing back sustainable supergrains like millets to the centre of our plate?

The story goes that Slurrp Farm founders and longtime friends, Meghana, Shauravi, and Umang were sitting around a table, trying to come up with names for their new business, when Umang said “Slurrp!” Not only did all three fell in love with the imagery of the word, it wove the seven quintessentially Indian animals you see on all the brand’s packaging into a farm!

In a context where every fourth Indian children is either undernourished or obese, it’s critical to set up good eating habits early. As young parents themselves, Slurrp Farm’s founders spent a lot of time studying, sourcing, and understanding the prevalent problems with the food chain today before setting out to make products that could be part of the solution. From food companies and farmers, to food technologists and scientists, to machinery and equipment manufacturers, to small and large research institutions, to a countless number of moms and babies, Slurrp Farm has travelled the length and breadth of India to arrive at their brand.

As they say, reviving sustainable supergrains, and improving grain diversity is good for us, for the farmer, and for the planet. As Slurrp Farm scales, they are committed to work closely with farmer groups and others in the movement.

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The ultimate challenge has been to make what tastes great in your home kitchen, stay just as delicious when it comes out of a packet - with the same rules: no preservatives, no maida, and no white sugar. Just real food that you would put on your own dining table, for your family to enjoy.


Meghana Narayan, Shauravi Malik & Umang Bhattacharyya