Good, gourmet coffee is for everyone… anywhere.

Delivering India’s best coffee experience to where you are.

In the early days of SLAY, the entire team would drive up and down Bangalore’s busiest roads with hot coffee in the SLAY Case to test spillage, and temperature losses. It is on these endless rounds of testing that the glowing customer reviews of SLAY’s zero-spill, temperature-controlled coffee delivery experience were built.

Gourmet coffee has always been considered an in-cafe experience. SLAY’s mission has been, quite simply, to democratise gourmet coffee. Great coffee should be – and now is – effortless for all.

Made from single-origin coffee beans from award-winning Chikamagalur estates, offering an extensive variety of options and flavours, delivered in temperature-controlled and spill-proof packaging SLAY is making made-to-order, freshly brewed, handcrafted gourmet coffee delivery an Indiawide reality. Already in 9 cities, and the highest-rated coffee brand on Swiggy and Zomato, SLAY also delights customers at its chain of Coffee Bars, and at home, with its home brewing solutions.

How did coffee drinkers react? “God resides in the hands of the barista who made this cup of coffee.” “Work from home ka ek maatr sahaara!” “Never have I come across a coffee place which has been so consistent with the quality of their coffees.” And many, many more.

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What’s next? The next frontier to conquer is to see our customers shop, drive, walk or work with a cup of SLAY in their hands.


Lakshmi Dasaka & Chaitanya Chitta