Taking yoga to the length and breadth of the world.

Connecting seven billion breaths with wellness.

Sarva was founded to take yoga to the corners of the world, not just as a workout form, but as a lifestyle. Today, it is India’s fastest growing yoga and wellness ecosystem.

Built on the authentic foundations of yoga, Sarva offers over 25 forms of yoga, ranging from aerial, to restorative, from yoga with dumbbells, to wheel yoga. As a brand, it helps people experience holistic wellness across physical and digital touchpoints, whether in a yoga studio, or on an app.

People often assume that yoga is leisurely and laidback, and does not deliver fitness in the way that say, Zumba, or spin classes can. Another misconception is that anyone can teach it, since it appears to be quite easy. And finally, no single entity has built yoga beyond its ancient roots. This combination of assumptions leads people to assume that yoga is for older people, and is not really a workout.

Sarva showcases yoga as a modern, intense, and varied workout based on authentic principles, and adapted to suit today’s needs and choices. A team of well-qualified instructors guides you through curated sessions that combine intensity and strength, while the Sarva app is replete with content – from sleep stories, and guided meditations, to healthy recipes, and stories for children – to address other aspects of wellbeing.

Sarva’s ambition is to organise the currently fragmented yoga and wellness industry, not just in India, but also internationally. With the Covid-19 pandemic bringing wellness into sharp focus, Sarva has been conducting live online yoga sessions in multiple languages, and finding resonance with practitioners in India, and much beyond.

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Sarvesh Shashi