Old-fashioned engagement in a new-fashioned brand of discovery.

Inside-the-box ideas!

A hyperactive four-year-old opened the door to a brilliant idea in early learning – delightful, carefully curated activity boxes that are as fun as they are instructive. “Vishy” Vishwanathan R, the father of this little boy, was quick to realise that television or an iPad wouldn’t be the best engagement for his son. But what were the options?

Several other young parents reported the same frustration at the lack of intelligent and entertaining toys and games for their young children – after all, almost 80% of critical brain development takes place in the pre-school and early school years. Magic Crate resolved to close that gap.

Parents can subscribe to have activity boxes based on science, arts, games, and role play delivered to their doorstep every month. Each Magic Crate is designed by early childhood experts and specialist designers to make learning experiences joyful and entertaining ones. As parents and children play and interact with these puzzles and toys, they create wonderful memories together.

From landing a moon rover, and looking through a periscope, to watching patterns emerge in a kaleidoscope, or sewing together a travel journal, the activities are fascinating and fun. And are the first step to raising curious, independent-thinking children who aren’t immersed in a world of screens and technology.

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Viswanathan R & Karthik Lakshman