Technology that brings the store, the cafeteria, and the groceries to your doorstep.

The queueless, cashless smart store.

How did two engineers from the mobile telecom space decide to change the face of last-mile retail? It all began the morning Neeraj Ray saw his mother walking to the nearest grocery store, almost a mile away.

That’s when he realised that people in large apartment complexes, or sprawling office blocks had no choice but to walk or drive a fair distance for snacks, meals, and groceries. Which seemed quite unfair.

Kwik24 makes life easier by moving the smart store right into your office, or your apartment building. The mobile app allows you to browse, choose, and pay for a snack, meal, or beverage that you pick up from the Kwik24 smart store.

With connected, automated IoT waiting to take centerstage, Kwik24 smart stores will get even smarter. And convenience retail will actually become easy, enjoyable, and convenient.

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Samir Duggal
Neeraj Ray