Keeping Ayurveda modern for today’s India.

First-time entrepreneurs, Ameve and Shrey, realised the full force of the Mumbai monsoon when they discovered that their sole product warehouse was located on a street that flooded every year. Wading through knee-high water to rescue their precious inventory, both, built team spirit, as well as led them to seek higher ground, literally and figuratively.

While wellness itself is a new age trend, the Kapiva brand goes back centuries, right to the source: Ayurveda. It was built on the belief that health is a holistic process, and not just curative in nature. At Kapiva, the mission is to make Ayurveda simple, modern, and accessible for everyone by freeing it from perceived complexities. In a market where less than 5 percent of all foods are natural or herbal, this line of Ayurvedic nutrition promises purity as well as great value.

Today, Kapiva has built a loyal following of customers who love their high-quality herbal juices, nutrition powders, ayurvedic gummies and everyday nutrition like ayurvedic breakfasts, ghee, honey and oils.

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What next? Kapiva will continue to innovate - creating products that are nutritious, convenient, and, most of all, enjoyable.


Ameve Sharma & Shrey Badhani