Delivering what women want through Ayurveda and technology

Putting a full stop to period problems.

Rima Ghosh discovered the Gynoveda brand on an online women’s community even before their website was launched. She was desperately seeking Ayurvedic solutions for her 19-year-old daughter who was battling PCOD. Within a few minutes of talking to the Gynoveda team, she – and her daughter – were on their way to relief with a PCOD Relief Kit, from the range of Gynoveda’s authentic, affordable and accessible Ayurvedic herbal supplements.

Gynoveda treat all kinds of menstrual disorders in a natural and non-invasive manner with natural supplements. Bringing Ayurveda and technology together to solve period problems, it aims to deliver long-lasting, effective solutions for women’s health. With “What Women Want” at the very core of their business ideology, Gynoveda has developed tools like the Period Bot to make menstrual healthcare accessible to millions of Indian women seeking natural solutions.

To help women understand their likelihood to develop menstrual disorders, Gynoveda designed the world’s first online Period Test. This prognostic tool enables women to take charge of their period health, and be treated in a natural. non-invasive manner. In its first eight months alone, the Period Test was taken by over 1,00,000 women across 1,500 cities and 60 countries.

Gynoveda is committed towards changing the lives of 10 million Indian women with menstrual issues by enabling them at every stage of life, from early problem detection, to solving their period problems in a natural, safe way.

Their ambition is to make Ayurveda the first choice of treatment for menstrual health, and making more and more women aware of natural, healthy alternative treatment like Ayurvedic herbal supplements that are easy to consume, are 100% safe, and offer additional benefits like increased energy levels, better digestion and better sleep. From 14-year-old schoolgirls, to women in their fifties, India is discovering that centuries-old Ayurveda diagnosed using current technology could well put an end to their period problems.

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Vishal Gupta, Rachana Gupta & Dr. Aarati Patil