Because if goodness can be bottled, it should.

How fun-venient is this!

It’s a brave brand that names itself Goodness! But Lakshmi Dasaka and Chaitanya Chitta set out to make milk fun and cool by creating a range of healthy beverages that delivered just that. It’s precisely the kind of thinking that led them to introduce India's first vivid range of oats and yogurt smoothies, and cold-brewed coffees in an array of delicious flavours – with each beverage weighing in at a solid six grams of protein, with no preservatives, artificial flavours, or colours.

The team behind Goodness! is a balanced mix of senior experts and mid-managers from leading industry players like Mars, Kellogg’s, Coca-Cola, Danone, Almarai Dairy, and Hector Beverages; and young entrepreneurs-in-residence who manage their functions as mini-businesses of their own.

They talk of the early days, where everyone including their HR and Finance teams would regularly visit Bangalore stores stocking Goodness! to take orders, manage merchandising, enable collections, and nurture relationships. It’s a practice that has set the tone for a working relationship – to stay very closely aligned to feedback from consumers, as well as the market.

Co-founder Lakshmi Dasaka describes the moment when Goodness! products move from shelves to the shopping baskets of consumers as “true nirvana for a consumer brand,” and nirvana it is as this young, agile, passionate brand scales up, and readies to leapfrog to the next level.

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Lakshmi Dasaka & Chaitanya Chitta