Helping millions prevent, reverse and manage illness.

Building the most trusted first line of therapy for lifestyle diseases.

In early 2021, ET Healthworld and Medix ran a pan-India innovation challenge in healthcare technology. Fitterfly won the challenge, from a field of 110 of the nation’s most innovative healthtech players.

Digital therapeutics, often abbreviated to DTx, is the new breed of life sciences technology that is transforming patient care and delivering better clinical outcomes. Fitterfly delivers evidence-based therapeutic interventions to people using software programs, coaches, and structured education guidelines, with the vision of helping millions prevent, reverse and manage lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes and obesity.

At Fitterfly, technology is a potent tool to help prevent disease, relieve suffering, enhance productivity, and lead to better health. Connected devices, advancement in nutritional sciences, and AI/ML help healthcare move even closer to the patient, every single day.

Fitterfly programs in diabetes, PCOS, obesity and pregnancy have already made a dramatic impact on the lives of thousands of people out there. For instance, over 90% of diabetes patients have seen a significant drop in HbA1c levels, and an astonishing 30% have reduced or stopped medicine all together, reversing the course of the disease.

The opportunity for large-scale impact, combined with a pandemic-accelerated focus on health has made the Fitterfly mission even more relevant in today’s environment.

The medical fraternity – Indian and international – has seen the merit of the Fitterfly offering, and deeply appreciates its product-market fit. But the Fitterfly team is already working on the next challenge: higher efficiency, greater automation, deeper consumer engagement, and faster scale-up.

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Dr. Arbinder Singal, Shailesh Gupta, Jayesh Sawant