Making workwear fit for women

Premium Workwear. Tailored to fit. By technology.

For a working woman in India, high-quality, well-fitted workwear has always been hard to find. But even shopping abroad has its own share of issues, due to the lack of a correct, flattering fit.

FableStreet studied, analysed and overcame this barrier through a unique combination of expertise and innovation, offering online Tailored Fits specifically designed for Indian body types and sizes, that were created on the basis of just three body measurements.

FableStreet understands what its consumers seek – practical, effortless styles that help them dress faster, make them feel great about themselves and fit well. They want to express themselves and their values through what they wear, leading to more experimental as well as experiential clothing. The brand, therefore, looks beyond design alone, and develops products through extensive R&D on fabrics, fits, functionality, longevity and more. To stay consistently relevant, FableStreet continuously innovates to meet and satisfy customer needs, such as recently launching India’s first Work From Home Edit for the new normal.

The drive and passion to solve the needs of professional women has fuelled FableStreet to offer not just a comfortable, stylish professional wardrobe, but also lifestyle accessories like jewellery, and shoes. The brand has also ventured offline through their first retail store in New Delhi, to reach more consumers in search of workwear that fits them perfectly.

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Ayushi Gudwani