Time to stop enduring your shave, and start enjoying it instead.

Putting the vroom into grooming.

One of the earliest prototypes of the Bombay Shaving Company razor found its way into one of the founders’ father’s hands. The verdict? "Phenomenal shave." Thus was born one of India’s best recognised men’s grooming brands.

Now you can see Bombay Shaving Company across 200 shelves offline, and 25 online, in 18 different countries. The brand’s focus on quality and experience has won them over 50,000 loyal customers.

Founder Shantanu Deshpande, and founding team members, Raunak Munot, Rohit Jaiswal, and Deepu Panicker still hark back to a 30-hour QC process, where the entire core team of Bombay Shaving Company took up the task of filing the clamps of their first batch of five thousand razors to the specifications required. And while the team has since grown from five to forty, the same rigour and spirit defines their work ethic.

Hugely committed to changing the little-known fact that most men in India did not enjoy their shave, Bombay Shaving Company has struck a chord with young men who shave – talking to them online, and offline about grooming. The products and tools, too, are infused with the same fresh approach of simplifying grooming, and making the entire shaving experience better. It’s little wonder that the brand is now on Amazon Launchpad for its global launch.

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Shantanu Deshpande