Not another gadget, but an innovation that protects your family from disease.

Science that keeps families safe.

It’s only fitting that this brand was born in an innovation lab. Founders, Muthukumar, Gokul, and Hemchandra – the MGH of MGH Labs – were passionate about leveraging science to give back to society, in a way that would improve people’s everyday lives.

They created a smart machine they christened BogOrchid, which uses non-toxic pheromones to attract, catch, and eliminate mosquitoes.

Not only is BogOrchid safe for home use, it’s also odour- and side effect-free. So all you experience is intelligent, effective protection against a variety of deadly vector-borne diseases like dengue, malaria, and zika.

The product has benefited from several years of R&D, and a consistent, iterative process. The result? An astonishing 80% success rate that has earned great appreciation from consumers, and opened the door to the next new innovation from MGH.

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Gokul Rajashekaran, Hemchandra Bhovi
& Muthukumar P