Bringing new brands front and centre for consumers.

Bridging the gap between consumers and brands.

Every new business has several moving parts, and entrepreneurs need to watch all of them closely. This becomes even more challenging in the consumer space, where not only does a brand have to make its presence felt, it also must be available at the right place at the right time for the consumer to experience it.

AnKa SumMor is the service that allows businesses to focus on building their brands, while they provide Supply & Distribution expertise. This plug-and-play service gives emerging brands the same strengths of execution and scale as large FMCG corporations.

AnKa SumMor aims to provide S&D support in over 7,000 outlets across India.

From S&D services, to the execution of below-the-line sales activities, to real-time MIS, AnKa SumMor offers businesses a whole lot more than mere distribution. It brings them closer to their customers.


Rajiv Joshi & Ashok George