Fuelling the growth of the next wave of market-winners.

Designing a system that keeps e-com brands on a high-velocity trajectory.

One of India’s first e-commerce “roll-up” plays, 10Club is building an incredible portfolio of digitally native businesses that operate at high velocity, while adding great value to the ecosystem.

Its centralised model delivers best-in-class talent, capital, processes and practices in the form of playbooks in India that enable entrepreneurs to grow and scale their e-commerce businesses at lightspeed.

10Club is designed to catalyse India’s already vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in a way that creates substantial value and scale. At the same time, it is very conscious of building the muscle of long-term value creation.

In the current environment with digital consumption disrupting multiple categories, 10Club’s role is even more relevant – to help e-commerce-first brands sustain their growth trajectory, and kickstart their subsequent expansion phase.

While the business revolves around e-commerce, it has people at its heart – whether employees, or other entrepreneurs. And while the brand has built great relationships with its partners, or entrepreneurs-in-residence, the relationships hinge on deep mutual respect, an alignment of values, and good chemistry.

At 10Club, partners are a part of the family, and it is their empowerment that will lead to exponential growth. The team fondly reminisces of the onboarding of their very first brand, at 11.42, late one Friday night – the hard-won result of months of effort. The sheer excitement led to all of them logging on to order a product each from the partner store!

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Bhavna Suresh, Deepak Nair, Joel Ayala