A focused early-stage investment platform for consumer brands, we are closely aligned with the rhythm of consumer businesses. From protoyping and consumer testing, to a longer initial gestation period, and a greater need for mentorship, we understand the highly specific needs of a consumer startup.

Anchored by a slew of marquee investors, including Premji Invest, Westbridge Capital, Mariwala Family Office, Unilever Ventures, Emami Ltd., RP-Sanjiv Goenka Family Office, Sunil Munjal’s Hero Enterprise Investment Office and ITC Ltd., Fireside manages a corpus of Rs 3.4 Bn to be invested in exciting consumer brand startups in multiple rounds, from Seed to Series A funding.

Fireside is also building a first-of-its-kind ecosystem for entrepreneurs in this space, with a strategic support network of in-house and partner resources. The Fireside Circle offers the unique privilege of mentorship from leading lights in the consumer brand space.

We strongly believe that experience is to be shared, and this ecosystem is envisioned to do precisely that.


The road to building an iconic consumer brand is thrilling, exciting, and challenging. And while no brand was built in a day, several aspects of this journey have changed appreciably.

The consumer startups of today can leverage an intelligent ecosystem built upon technology, insights, and new avenues of distribution. A rich culture of knowledge sharing and feedback. And a brand-new generation of aware, constantly evolving consumer communities.

For an entrepreneur, this makes for a more agile, flexible, and responsive journey.

We’re a team of people who’ve travelled this path several times over. As marketers, strategists, and investors, we’ve learned our fair share. Built a strong sense of what it takes to succeed in the marketplace. And helped build strong brands – and robust businesses – along the way

We believe that a new generation of brand ideas should profit from our experience. So we created Fireside Ventures to make the journey from startup to brand a richer, deeper, more empowered one.

How will we measure our success? We’re aiming to help build 25 iconic brands in the next 15 years: Brands that delight the people who use them every day. That fill their founders with pride. And deliver great returns to all the investors and stakeholders committed to their success.

It’s a journey we’ve well and truly begun.


Because at the end of the day, we’re all consumers. Because the more technology surrounds us, the more opportunities and intersections it creates for consumer brands. Because this new breed of entrepreneurs is smarter, quicker, and readier than any generation before it.

As consumers begin to demand more and more, this is the generation that will serve their needs in an original, highly effective manner.

At Fireside, we get asked ‘Why consumer brand startups?’ a lot. The answer’s simple: Because there’s no better time.

Benefit from our experience.